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Case Study #1

Jeff M.

We Improve & Scale "Working Offers"

in Youtube and Facebook

"The team got to work right away on our ad campaigns leveraging our existing media assets and their ad/targeting ninja skills to reach millions of potential new customers at the top of the funnel.  We have then curated content for those new audiences to solidify our relationship with our customers by increasing the value we bring with informative content.  We consistently have over 2 Million video views per month with $0.005 or less spent per view.  As a result, our ROAS on bottom of funnel targeted ads ranges from 5.92 to 13.15."

Physical Product

Sensitive FB Niche 

Alex B. 

Results from first 2 Week Campaign

Information Product - Challenge Funnel

When we first spoke with Jeff he was focused heavily on education and branding to his target market.  He is in one of the hardest to market niches on FB. 

Unlike most clients, he was not concerned with getting an actual return on his ad spend, and did not want the brand to be "salesy" in any way. 

We created a unique strategy designed to continually introduce new members to his brand as well as continually educate and indoctrinate them to his brand in a non salesy, non repetitive way. 

Sales campaigns are ONLY triggered by retargeting. 

The result has been an extremely stable, profitable, and predictable ROAS, that has allowed us to make significant gains in market share to an ever growing audience. 

"$5,903.62 AdSpend with roughly $54,000 revenue. 

From selling a high ticket product to leads in a Facebook Group. Return on Ad Spend

Approx 54K / 5903.62 = 9.15 ROAS"

This client sells several high ticket products (digital + coaching) 

Client was having trouble getting traditional webinars to work and wanted to move to a Facebook Group/Challenge model. 

We worked on campaign structure.   

Landing page > ThankYou Page> FB Group > Book A Call

We researched and identified the major pain points of the audience and created a branded message that resonated deeply with the target audience and positioned them perfectly.  

After implementing new Copy and Creative, we were able to drop the Cost per Registration significantly for all future Challenges. 

Historical CPL: $21 / Registration

Current CPL: $11-$12 / Registration

We have since added engagement and Book a Call campaigns to further increase profitability. 


Over 20 Million Views Under 1 Cent

Case Study #2

Messaging Correction + Ad Optimization

High Ticket Digital/Coaching Product

Dropped Cost/Lead from $20+ to below $12

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